As the water filled my mouth it couldn't wash the echos out.

Haven't had much to say as late (or perhaps more accurately no time to say it). I do however, have a tumblr if anyone is remotely interested in the kind of things I post. After all, every time I open my mouth I give too much of myself away.




“Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.”

RIP to my favourite author of all time. I think I just died a little too.


Disappear here.

Thinspo if I've ever seen some.


She has no idea the part she plays.

one of my dad's favourite movies, and certainly one of mine. The insane speed, the close calls, the beautiful streets of Paris-all remind me of him. And all are heart-stopping-like I imagine the driver's a la finale.

Ps. If you're looking for a little fun (or potential reasons to never conduirez au paris) try counting the number of red lights that were run.

PPS. (not PSS!) Henry Holland mock stock tights in the mail aux mon dieux!


l'enfer, c'est les autres

I need to stop treating my blog like my own personal post-secret-or at least learn to be much more subtle. Anyway, I completly adore this christopher kane t-shirt (because his ss10 line really needs more people blogging about it) A nice little accessory for my misanthropic personality. I imagine enough of you would contribute funds to buy this for me-if only to see me in a bit of colour...here's hoping.


Where there's smoke...

One of my favourite things as of late is coming home, cooking, having some wine, and turning up some music. Also, i've been meaning to eat vegan more often-especially at home where it's so much easier to control. My friend ross has a blog with vegan recipes-which I really must admit-all seem really delicious. If any of you try them out (Michelle, this is mostly directed at you!) let me know how they turn out! Tonight I made his pasta primavera (pictured above) and it was really great, something with flavors I wouldn't normally make for myself.